This equipment comprises a passive backplane and plug-in single height Euro card modules.

Plant interface blocks connect to the system backplane via ribbon cables. Half and full backplane configurations are possible, providing the capacity for 6 or 16 input/output modules respectively. Digital, analogue and pulse I/O capability is available, the maximum single shelf digital capacity being 256 inputs or 256 outputs.

The Orion System 2000 product range has been designed around a modular concept, incorporating a backplane and plug-in, single height, Eurocard electronic modules, employing DIN41612, two part connectors. System wiring is simplified by the use of ribbon cables, which connect input/output modules to plant interface blocks. These blocks provide a screw terminal or plug coupled interface and additional signal conditioning e.g. input isolation, voltage free contact, analogue scaling etc. In this way, all electronic modules of the same type are truly identical, resulting in a minimal spares holding requirement. A "D" type connection interface on the rack rear is also possible.

The equipment may be configured for basic point to point operation or master-remote operation for SCADA type applications. High reliability, excellent noise immunity and low power consumption, is achieved by the extensive use of CMOS integrated circuits. Reliability is further increased by the use of programmable logic devices to reduce component count wherever practical.

The Orion System 2000 can employ two alternative types of backplane, which provide configurations with either 6 or 16 input/output module slots. Any slot may be occupied by any type of module i.e. input, output, digital, analogue or pulse, and any mixture of module types may be configured.

This results in the following maximum input/output capability for each type of signal.





Digital Input



Digital Output



Analogue Input



Analogue Output



Pulse Input




Bus expansion modules are available to increase the standard system I/O capacity. An 18 I/O slot backplane without a power supply slot is also available.

When a computer is used as the master controller, the I/O capability may be increased by connecting several backplanes via an RS485 network, and employing addressing techniques. The RS485 network configuration permits up to 255 nodes, therefore the maximum digital input or output capability, possible in this mode of operation is 62,280.

The System 2000 equipment provides triple communication ports, two employed for system comms and one for local diagnostics/re-configuration. The system comms ports are full duplex and capable of simultaneous operation at 9600 baud.

Several types of communications interface are available. These fall generally into two categories, i.e. a.c. and d.c. signalling.


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