This is a fixed format modular telemetry outstation suited to small cost sensitive applications.

The equipment comprises a mother board and optional plug in daughter boards providing a maximum I/O capability of 32 digital points.

The mother board includes 8 digital inputs, CMOS communications interface and power supply. Daughter boards are available for I/O expansion (4 channels per board) and communications interface options.

Four daughter board slots are provided. A single channel analogue input or output module and single port serial communication interface modules are also available.

Standard communication options are FSK modem, BT leased line or dial up modem, GSM network, RS232, RS485 and UHF radio.

The equipment may be configured for point to point operation or used as an outstation in SCADA applications. It provides the ability to address a total of 256 outstations when used in polled mode.

The system employs the standard CP1 Orion communications protocol thereby permitting the mixing of all System 2000 equipment types in polled applications.


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