Mobile Telephone Interface
Pager Interface
Automatic Dial out
Interrogation ¨SMS Operation
Status and Alarm Inputs
Control Operation via Keypad
Prioritised Fallback Operation
Multiple Outstation Operation
Analogue I/O Option
Custom I/O Option
User Re-configuration
Uses standard Mini SIM
Low Power Mode
E-mail capability
Speech Option
Real-time Clock
Data Logging

GSM - Typical Message

Alarm Monitoring
Plant Control
Vending Machines
Temporary/Mobile Installations
Remote Diagnostics



The Orion Mobile-Link equipment has been specifically designed to operate in conjunction with any standard GSM telephone, to provide the functionality of a conventional telemetry outstation, without the need for communications cable or telephone line connections. The mobile telephone operates as the human machine interface (HMI) for the outstation, providing the capability to receive alarm data, request status data and execute controls.

The Mobile-Link outstation is configured to automatically dial out to a specified mobile telephone, in the event of change of input status such as an alarm, using the GSM short messaging service (SMS). The same mobile telephone can be used to interrogate the outstation for current status and also to execute controls in real-time using its keypad. The display format of alarm and status messages received from the outstation will depend on the size and type of display on the mobile telephone used.

Data security is achieved by the outstation software being configured to recognise and only respond to pre-programmed telephone number(s). When used in command mode, additional security is incorporated into the message structure. All command request messages are displayed on the mobile telephone and have an integrated execute/abort function to ensure the user has complete control over these sequences.

Alternative text messages and telephone numbers can be programmed using a GSM telephone.

The outstation is configured with up to eight inputs which operate from external voltage free contacts and eight relay outputs. Both AC and DC power supply capability is provided with an option for low power battery operation. The equipment is housed in a compact, wall mounted polycarbonate enclosure, available with varying degrees of environmental protection.

The outstation GSM modem requires a SIM (subscriber identity module) which is available from most Airtime suppliers. A range of suitable whip antennae are available including magnetic and hole mount.

Orion can also supply conventional telemetry outstations using GSM communications