Orion Projects is a member of EMC Network (SW) Limited

For Pre-compliance (confidence) testing
Full compliance testing using both anechoic and open area test sites
Direct linkage to Exeter University for EMC advice and consultancy
Access to comprehensive standards library
On site technical supervision for accompanied visits
Swift, cost effective service

Orion is a shareholder in the EMC Network (South West) Limited test house and uses this facility to CE mark all applicable products and systems.

A 10m Open Area Test Site (OATS) and a 120m3 anechoic chamber coupled with a comprehensive range of modern test equipment permits a wide range of testing up to and beyond the mandatory standards, to be implemented.

The test house has NAMAS acreditation and can provide full test and documentation in line with their vigorous requirements where necessary.


Facilities at the Centre


Anechoic chamber: Internal dimensions 7.3m x 4.6m x 3.6m (high), allowing measurement of radiated immunity to latest issue IEC 1000-4-3, together with confidence measurements for radiated emissions in the pre-compliance stage of development.



Open Area Test Site: 20m x 17m, allowing distance between aerial and unit under test of 10m, providing compliance measurements for emitted radiation to all current standards.



Conducted Test Area: For all bench testing to compliance for cable radiation and immunity, together with electrostatic discharge tests, burst transients, harmonic and interharmonic immunity and voltage drops and surges.



Maximum test equipment weight and size as below Tabletop : 1m3 250Kg Floor : 2m x 483mm cubicle 250Kg 5. On site supervisory or active technical support and library, with additional consultancy if required from Exeter University.



Comprehensive range of Test Standards available.